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Privatexxx only accepts submissions that contain:

Your name: your first name(s) or your initials for example Betty, Sam & Betty or S&B;
Your pictures: 10 pictures maximum; including 1 proof picture*; only .jpg, .jpeg files;
Your E-mail address: a valid e-mailaddress** where visitors can send their comments;
Your country: your origin country to show the right flag with your submission;
Your ad-text: the textlines to go with your pictures;
Your homepage: the url of your homepage if you have one; don't forget a link back to Privatexxx!.

Note that commercial homepages without a reciprocal (return) link will not be linked!
Note that submissions without a name filled in will not upload!
Note that submissions without the e-mailaddress field filled in will not upload!
Note that submissions without a proper or too short ad-text will not upload!
Note that submissions showing only single male pictures will not automatically be accepted!

*Anti-faker rule: Send in your "proof" picture!
Please upload a picture with your serie where you and your wife/man or gf/bf holding a sign stating:
"We love to post on" plus your e-mailaddress. See some of the examples below for your understanding!

example proof picture example proof picture example proof picture example proof picture example proof picture

Before you submit you have to read and understand these legal terms: By submitting pictures to you declare that they are actually yours, and not from someone else. You must be fully aware that by submitting your pictures to privatexxx, you are in effect releasing privatexxx from any legal ramifications that may arise from the public display of the pictures in question. does not accept any pictures showing persons under 18 yo or pictures of persons who look like they are younger than 18 yo. has the right to decline your submission without an explanation. also does not accept any kind of pictures which are extreme or might be considered as illegal, also no animalsex and no rape pictures.

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**Please protect yourself against Spam and Fakers!:
Unfortunately the Internet has become more and more infected by scammers trying to spread a virus and hurting other people. By disclosing your E-mailaddress on a free picture posting site like privatexxx, you can become a target of spammers and fakers. Let it be noted that Sonia will never give out your e-mailaddress or will send you e-mails with attachements. The only e-mail you can expect from Sonia is a free-pass notification upon placement of your submission and a reply if you send Sonia an e-mail yourself with a remark or question about the site. To protect yourself against spam and e-mail abuse, I strongly advice you to use a seperate E-mailaddress from a free E-mail provider like hotmail or yahoo with build-in anti spam software. If you want to use your regular E-mail account on privatexxx, I strongly advice you to protect yourself with a reliable anti spam program. I highly recommend or If you don't want your E-mailaddress showing with your submission, please add "Don't show my E-mailaddress" to your textlines. If you have any remarks or questions on the information above please let me know! Greetings, Sonia

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• Everytime you submit your pictures to PrivateXXX you will be granted free access to the PrivateXXX Archives for a period of time.

• You will receive your free pass information automatically via e-mail after your submitted serie is approved.

• Note: Free passes will be send in an E-mail that is generated by my server. Because of this, your e-mail program can mistake it for spam and filter it out.

If you have submitted before and haven't received a freepass after it was posted,
please click here to get your freepass.

• Note: Free passes will be revoked without notice upon a single fake-report!

• With a free pass you can login in to the Archives here. Note: please copy&paste the username and password info from the e-mail you've received directly into the login-screen; the login-screen is casesensitive!

• For all your questions or remarks on this subject contact me at

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